Intro Session recap with Andrey Diyakonov | June 1, 2022
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The main Intro session topic is about Listings and TGE of CHO. Check out more on

Speaker: Andrey Diyakonov is a Chief Commercial Officer at Crypterium and, also spearheading Crypterium’s unique B2B program.

A seasoned business development executive with a proven track record in the industry, Andrey is leveraging his experience and a set of soft and hard skills to set up and lead “A-Team players” across multiple businesses. An avid crypto adopter, Prior to joining the industry, Andrey has ran and staffed political campaigns in the EU, and represented 2 countries in the United Nations program UNAOC.

It is amazing, how crypto gathers people from so many different spheres of life and business.

How did the sales go?

First of all let me point out that we are very happy and excited about the token sale rounds results. We’re also very proud and excited about the results of our community sales. And that obviously would not have been possible without you and your support. So thank you!

We have also delivered launchpad capability that we used and we intend to use it for our trusted customers some more exciting news are coming!

Let me point out that we have conducted our few IDOs. The launchpads were used were as diverse as Crypto industry is. It’s very important to us to be as Blockchain agnostic and as multichain as possible. Which is why one of the decks is that we’re announcing is Radium decks for $SOL Ecosystem.

And I’m especially proud and excited about the NFT token sale around that we conducted. On top of being a very exciting event and one of the industries first token sales like this we are proud to announce that we are going to be using that as a product for our customers. That of course concerns the token prospects as you would imagine. It’s very important that your support and your backing allowed us to experiment and to play around with formats.

Also institutional rounds are exemplary notion of our dedication and hard work, we’ve closed them successfully.

When TGE and listings?

The answer to it is short and simple it’s June 7. The same date will be used for listings on both exchanges, #uniswap and #raydium.

Both exchanges are decentralized ones which means that we’re starting trading at the same moment and time on both markets. For those of you that participated in community sale and have 15% initial unlock ahead of you, it means that we gonna top up your accounts with $CHO at that very moment of trading launch. Bear in mind that due to technical reasons, you will be able to trade, withdraw and deposit your $CHO a bit later, in some 12–24 hours from TGE. Those of you that I’ve got lock in periods, $CHO tokens on their deposits with respective lock in arrangements. The do of you that I’ve bought into $CHO on launchpads the respect of rules of launchpads will be applied.

For those of you who took part in NFT sale, you need to head over to in your account section there, filling the form, provide your wallet address on #Crypterium — tokens will be waiting for you there. Remember, you need to go through a basic KYC procedure, so don’t forget your passport or ID.

How high could the price go? How many X could we do? Is it a good time for listing with this market situation?

Yeah that’s in everyone’s minds and no matter how vibrant that question is there is no certain answer to it.

Even though we deploy capital and our best people to take care of the market situation, it’s up to the market to have its say when it comes to $CHO price.

Some might say that the timing isn’t the best when it comes to the overall market situation. That might be fair but let’s not forget about the fact that fortunes changes and I’d personally assess that in this overall sideways trend environment, we are picking the best of moments.

Don’t forget about the fact that as always, it’s the most patient and prudent investors that win.

We’ve got strong fundamentals to show we’ve got a great track record and got a wonderful project with your backing show us a hundred percent confidence in the outcome. Hey but be smart — value your money and time your market moves.

$CHO listing will contribute to the overall positive outlook for us as a project and company.

What is the difference between Uniswap and Raydium?

Let’s start with what common between those two markets: those are both DEXes, best in the league for their respective chains. And that has greatly influenced our choice in favour for those platforms.

When it comes to differences, #uniswap is a household name in the world of Ethereum-based token, which we are. And #raydium is the same thing for Solana-based ones. Bear in mind the predictable differences in blockchain fees and other related differences between the 2 chains.

Of course #Solana has got lower fees but #Uniswap has got industries bastard liquidity so make it pick. And it gets better from there. We have prepared exciting updates for both markets. #uniswap users will avail themselves of a trading competition and possibility to win big.

Prize pool is 150 000 $CHO. How good is that? And #raydium users are in for a great #airdrop strategy. 1000 lucky Solana adherents will get a chance to get a pool of 100K $CHO.

More details to follow, stay tuned.

What are your plans for listing CHO on CEX?

In line with what we’ve announced ever since we started $CHO sale we are gonna be going on the best centralized exchanges following decentralized exchanges. We are now closing in on a couple of very exciting development and we’re going to be announcing the news following our debut on DEXes. Stay tuned.

Have you started the project development already? What are your plans for CHO? What plans do you have for the near future?

It’s even better than that. The development of the protocol and product at large as well underway. We’ve already shared some very inspiring demos. We are fully in line with a roadmap. Very soon we are going to be announcing some major updates.

Check out our post re the updates:

And do pay close attention to the developments in this chat and our announcement channel — those are your most trusted sources for all things $CHO.

Token utility is essential for users to want to own it. Both CRPT and CHO. Up to now utility for CRPT was not enough for users to want to own to a level that would cause price to increase. You mentioned in previous presentations that CRPT would work together with CHO for increased utility such as higher interest on savings accounts for holding both tokens, various tiers for different level holders, metal cards (which were also a promise for seedrs investors) etc.

So my question is: when are these utilities going to be announced? For proper marketing and to facilitate the whole cause the roadmap for these products should have been announced before the products are actually offered. Please do not reply with the usual ‘soon’. Rather, please give a reply if you agree that the roadmap for the tokens utilities should and will be announced and marketed before they are offered…!

Our plan for increased yield is to provide the best-on-the-market or above-market yield for $CHO holders and users.

So this is pretty much already done, some extra thought and calculation are put into ensuring that we announce those rates, we are gonna consistent in delivering on those promises.

You will see all the updates with the major announcement of deployment and rebranding which will come within June 2022.

But let me give you a peek into something that we have already accomplished — something that has already positively influenced adoption and $CHO perspectives.

We are adamant about ensuring that the $CHO staking and holding benefits will be extended to both retail and b2b customers — and I won’t rest until we realize fully how uniquely we are positioned to service b2b customers’ needs as well.

So in line with that, we have confirmed and made available to our existing and future customers, the benefits (monetary and level-of-service-wise) of staking and using $CHO.

And we are witnessing a great traction with them. 3 customers have already signed up for long-term staking — way longer than anyone holding $CHO — and more of them are coming.

Hope that answers your Q. to-be-released platform will be the ultimate solution for the modern individual, bringing all the possibilities of centralized and decentralized finance — at your fingertips.

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