MetaFi Roadmap: Discover Q1 Updates
6 min readApr 2, 2022


With DEXs and cross-chain solutions booming the market, DeFi is considered to be the key growth segment for crypto, think of low base effect, institutional backing and attractive proposition. So, the more we delve into developing our MetaFi ecosystem, the more we see that CeFi mechanisms and promising DeFi solutions combined together will ensure the most advanced crypto experience no one has offered before.

The team keeps following its roadmap feeling absolutely sure that we are headed down the right path. Below, you will find a number of notable updates that we made in Q1 of 2022. The progress is tangible! MetaFi roadmap updates | Q1 2022

Launchpad Launchpad is a token launch platform (also known as an IDO platform) that provides regular investors with opportunities that were previously available only to VCs and other key stone investors. It is a fully-fledged decentralized service to launch new tokens and manage unlocks.

We’ve designed our own Launchpad and first of all provided early-stage CHO token sales for our community members. Allocating the token before it is publicly launched on the market would facilitate a bargain program for all who decided to invest. The upcoming CHO Community Sale will also take place in the Crypterium App starting on April 5th.

25% off the token price — don’t miss the chance!

Check the Complete Launchpad Guide HERE. With launchpad, you’ll be able to contribute and support the project that seems promising to you.

DAO DAO is the most optimal structure based on CHO token, which serves as a governance body of our MetaFi ecosystem and makes the entrance to the DeFi and Web3 space more smooth.DAO aims at developing and maintaining an effective decision-making system that will bootstrap the creation of the top-notch MetaFi product for the best of all CHO token holders.

DAO Roadmap

  • Release of the DAO forum
  • Finalizing the DAO’s mission, vision, and roadmap in collaboration with the community
  • Launch of the Ambassador program
  • Education of the DAO community
  • Governance Setup Plan DAO decides on key parameters (e.g. fees) of DeFi services and proposes activities aimed at bootstrapping the ecosystem.

The DAO members will govern the ecosystem to ensure its efficiency and stability. To have a vote in the DAO, one must hold its governance token, CHO.

CHO voting weight will be proportional to the amount of CHO a voter stakes. The more CHO locked, the greater the decision-making power the voter will have.

Yield farming aggregator

Yield farming aggregator provides a single simplified access to most protocols.

Yield-farming aggregator | DEMO

What makes the product truly meaningful, is that it allows to get the most from yield farming and staking.

DEX aggregator

MetaFi DEX aggregator | DEMO

We’ll also deploy the DEX aggregator that offers:

  • Best prices with no additional fees
  • Lowest slippage
  • High liquidity / aggregated DEX order books

Crypto Insurance

Crypto Insurance is an option to fix a guaranteed minimum price. In other words, it will allow you to insure the amount of crypto you want to buy for a certain period of time. And if the price of a given crypto appears to be less than the insurance price at expiry, we will cover your losses.

First, Crypto Insurance will be available only for Bitcoin and Ethereum purchases.

Watch how to insure your crypto when topping up your Crypterium wallet (DEMO):

Feel safe while going crypto and buy crypto with no stress even if the price falls!

Dual-Currency Deposits

Dual currency is a short-term investment product that could potentially provide very high returns through an income generation yield strategy. This means that the yield is secured at the purchase moment, while the settlement currency is being altered depending on how the settlement price and the linked price relate to each other.

First, we will offer dual-currency deposits only for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How does it work?

For BTC dual currency products, BTC acts as the investment currency. The same is true for ETH. In other words, you purchase the product with BTC or ETH and then see how the settlement price (the price of BTC or ETH at the moment of settlement) compares with the linked price (or the benchmark price) at expiry.

If the settlement price is higher than the linked price, users will receive the return in the investment currency. Otherwise, users will receive their yields in USDC. It should also be noted that you cannot redeem your investment before the expiry date — the return is credited once the dual currency deposit is closed.

Smart Pools (Transaction builder)

Smart Pools are investment products which stand in one row with deposits and dual-currency deposits. They are comparable to open-end funds and have an idea of managing capital behind them. All Smart Pools like the already existing XEN assets will be placed in the special Earn section.

Thus, our users will have a number of relevant instruments to increase their stash regardless of the market situation.

What’s next?

We believe that when users see the term MetaFi, they will always feel like they are setting trends in the crypto industry. And we are convinced that will help them get ahead of the market as we bring the future closer. More exciting updates and products are yet to come, and our Launchpad has already successfully held two rounds of CHO Pre-Sale.

Now, our loyal users are looking into the start of the CHO community sale, with 525,000 USD total in tokens, which will take place on the Crypterium App on April 5th. Stay tuned in order not to miss it! to-be-released platform will be the ultimate solution for the modern individual, bringing all the possibilities of centralized and decentralized finance — at your fingertips.

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