Complete Launchpad Guide
6 min readMar 15, 2022
Complete Launchpad Guide

Get ready for the Community Sale on 5th April!

The first round of CHO token sales — Community Pre-sale (300,000 USD) closed almost instantly, as it provided only 600 places for the reservation of tokens in the amount of $500. More than 12,000 people wanted to participate.

Now, everyone is looking into the start of the CHO community sale, with 525,000 USD total in tokens, which will take place on the Crypterium App on April 5th. These early users will be able to reserve a CHO token allocation at $0.15, which is an exclusive 25% discount from the IDO. However, a user will be able to purchase only 100–10,000 USD worth of the token. The number of places is very limited and the current participation demand exceeds the token supply for this round.

To help you learn the ropes, we’ve prepared this step-by-step tutorial which will navigate you through the CHO token Community Sale process. Now, you’re just a few steps away from your much-awaited allocation. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Step 1: Download the Crypterium App from the App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Complete registration and pass KYC

To create an account in Crypterium, you need to provide us with your phone number and set a strong password. To find out more details on the registration, head on over to this guide.

Once you create your account, you can proceed with verification. Completing and passing the KYC is required for participation in the CHO token Sale. To get verified, open your Crypterium wallet and go to the Profile section. Detailed steps are described here.

Step 3: Make sure to have enough funds for participation

You’ll need 100–10 000 USDT to obtain CHO tokens (or equivalent in another crypto).

The Crypterium balance can be loaded with your bank card or IBAN account, with a crypto transaction as well as with Skrill or ADV Cash wallets. To do this, go to the Dashboard, press “Top-up”, and choose the most convenient method.

If you want to deposit crypto assets, we recommend topping up your balance with BTC, XRP, LTC, BCH, DASH, EVER, or XDC, since the transaction fees are much lower than those charged for transferring Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

Please note that before the transaction for the CHO reservation is made, written-off funds will be converted to USDT. Thus, you are encouraged to deposit 20–30% more funds in the light of possible rate change. Similarly, you can also exchange your chosen crypto to USDT in advance.

Step 4: Find the Launchpad section on the Dashboard and tap Participate

Step 5: Find the sale

Each active sale is accompanied by the following details: project name, stage, token price, fixed personal allocation, and the total amount of tokens offered.

The Sale will be held on the 5th of April (the exact time will be specified later).

Step 6: Press “Participate” to proceed with the reservation

You’ll see which whitelist you were included in. The app will show your status confirmed with a green tick.

If you haven’t passed KYC, you’ll be offered to verify your identity first. To do so, please go back to Step 2 and read the details.

If you have passed KYC, tap the “Participate” button to proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Select the asset to pay for the allocation

Once you are directed to issue a payment, choose any crypto-asset you have in stock to reserve CHO tokens.

Step 8: Reserve your allocation

If you have enough balance to bid for the allocation, the Reserve button becomes active and turns yellow.

As soon as you press it, you’ll see the confirmation of a successful transaction. Tap Done to be automatically redirected to the Dashboard.

Step 9: Go back to the “Launchpad” and press “Your Allocations”

Step 10: Check details of your allocation

Select to see all information about the sale, transaction history, and the current status of your allocation. In the case of the CHO sale, allocation will be finally distributed upon the event completion. You’ll see even more details on the lock-up and following linear release if you scroll down.

Please keep in mind that lock-ups are counted from the TGE date. The TGE date is the moment when the distribution of on-chain tokens starts and trading opens on the first decentralized platform.

You’re all set!

How can I increase my chance?

There is a limited number of people that will be able to participate in the CHO community sale, however, there are two ways to increase your chance in participating. Both involve being part of the whitelist, which will grant a user the opportunity to ensure CHO token reservations, earlier than non-whitelisted users.

The first way is by filling out the waitlist form on the website. We recommend registering and passing KYC in Crypterium App before filling out the form. The information users will need for the form is:

  • Phone number, that is assigned to the users Crypterium account
  • Email
  • Full name

Once a user fills out the form, they will be placed in a pool of all waitlisted users that could potentially get on the whitelist and assure token reservation. If the user is whitelisted they will be able to reserve their token allocation before the rest of the participants.

The second way is by completing tasks on The tasks are simple, yet, can heavily boost a user’s chance of being whitelisted for the community sale. Completing more tasks increases a user’s chance of being whitelisted and reserving their token allocation before others.

Joining the waitlist and completing all of the tasks provides the highest chance of being whitelisted for the community sale. The number of whitelist spots will be limited, however, will ensure a user’s reservation of the CHO token in the community sale.

Make sure to test your luck and complete all of the tasks required to join the whitelist, for this incredible, yet small, sale of CHO tokens. Also, do not forget to follow the steps of this guide, to be eligible for the participation in the community sale on the Crypterium app on April 5th. Follow us on our social media to find out the exact time of launch.

Stay tuned to announcements as there is so much more to come. to-be-released platform will be the ultimate solution for the modern individual, bringing all the possibilities of centralized and decentralized finance — at your fingertips.

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