Recap of AMA with Andrey Diyakonov, CCO | Feb 3, 2022

Speaker: Andrey Diyakonov is a Chief Commercial Officer at Crypterium and, also spearheading Crypterium’s unique B2B program.

A seasoned business development executive with a proven track record in the industry, Andrey is leveraging his experience and a set of soft and hard skills to set up and lead “A-Team players” across multiple businesses. An avid crypto adopter, Prior to joining the industry, Andrey has ran and staffed political campaigns in the EU, and represented 2 countries in the United Nations program UNAOC.

It truly is amazing, how crypto gathers people from so many different spheres of life and business.

“What advantages will attract customers to Crypterium + Charism against competitors?”

Wow, that’s a really great and basic question, but it does need to be addressed

First of all, we believe that the main advantage against our competitors is you guys, our community.

One thing that you have to understand about how we differ from a lot of projects out there, is that we’ve got this existing user base, which will get immediate exposure to all of those fantastic DeFi products.

That’s a massive advantage! There are a lot of projects out there that don’t have that upper hand. You are experiencing community, and our community is already using our main product, so it’s a great, great starter.

There is another aspect of it which is really easy. It’s all about the quality of the product.

You know well enough, maybe even more than I do, that we really do take a lot of time to perfect our products. Sometimes, it does not work to our advantage, because we are missing out on the speed of the delivery, the speed of going to market and the execution. However, it is happening for a good reason. We really believe in a well thought through and thorough work.

This time around we really invested a lot into the team that is delivering the project and into the overall design of the product and we really do believe that the quality of execution would be of the highest standard.

Another aspect that I want to touch upon, is our ability to deliver very simple intuitive solutions.

We have perfected the CEFI product and we’re going to do the same with the decentralized aspect of the product.

We call it MetaFi, and we do believe it’s going to be the best on the market.

On top of that, there are a couple more competitive advantages that we’ve got. There is your B2B product, and there are a couple exciting unique products that will become a part of the meta suite of solutions. There is also, of course, this new token CHO with the most up-to-date tokenomics and underlying services.

“What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/exchange or the products?”

Certainly a very pertinent question. And at the risk of sounding a bit predictable I’d say it’s a bit of both. There is however a unique aspect of how these two things blend together.

And that aspect is our Decentralized autonomous organization or DAO

This DAOA will feature some of the new exciting aspects of tokenomics Such as community you guys being able to influence the decisions of the organization itself

As a part of that community driven growth strategy there’s also voting aspect so through him mechanics there will Be outlined we will empower you guys to be part of the decision making process

The way works is usually the more you stake the more voting power you’ve got

We will deliver this and other exciting token strategies

But of course having said that the ultimate focus right now is on ensuring that this new CHO token offering Is a success among investor community among you guys and product wise as well we have already launched a few of those products it’s still an early glimpse into watch will be unveiled very soon but yeah it’s so good it’s a good start

“Hello. What risks can accompany an investor in a protocol aggregator, if a bear market starts soon? Thank you.”

A fantastic question indeed.

Let me emphasize here, that when the CHO product becomes available in its full complete form, investors will have access to some of the newer products, that will be in a lot of respects, an industry first. I’m talking about price insurance products. I’m talking about new ways to hedge your positions.

Having said that, let me tell you that a main opportunity that you, myself or anyone out there should not miss is when a downturn in the market arrives. When it arrives, it is an opportunity for strategic long-term buying

You can buy the dip. You can refer to that good old wisdom, regarding the necessity to buy, only when the situation is truly dire.

Maria, don’t miss your chance to form a smarter counter-cyclical market strategy.

On another level, it will of course, mitigate all possible foreseeable risks through the use of third-party security audits. We have already taken advantage of this and the experience and capability of our internal security and development team.

“Where can I buy your tokens now, what is your current contract address and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?”

This is certainly one of the most important questions now, thanks.

The best way to get your hands on our new token is to head over to your Crypterium application.

Make sure that you deposit a minimum of 500 USDT, and make sure to jack up your activity in the app. Holding more CRPT will also help.

Bear in mind that we have only got 600 tickets available.

A third of them, 200 tickets, will be distributed on the first day of the pre-sale.

200 of them will be distributed among activation contest participants on Gleam.

200 more of them will be distributed among others.

Don’t forget that in order to pass the KYC level 1, you will need to show your identification and deposit 500 USDT.

But most importantly, remember that using more of our services such as crypto card usage, exchanges, deposits and holding CRPT will also really boost your chances.

“How will CRPT token holders be rewarded? Should I hold CRPT in the Crypterium app on saving account to get the allocation?”

Great question.

We’re really focused on rewarding our CRPT community, so we set aside a whopping 10% of the entire supply of a new CHO token.

Rest assured, CRPT holders are well taken care of.

Having said that, anything that boosts your CRPT holding utility, that increases your returns through our wonderful products, is a fantastic strategy.

Just about an hour ago we had a call with our tokenomics team and boy, oh boy, do we have some exciting news for you.

I’m very proud of the fact that it’s going to be a very diversified rewards program, so there’s going to be an hour AirDrop reward for staking rewards on CRPT related activities. So an entire suite of great news for you, guys.

“How will this news affect people who have held CRPT since the ICO and are still waiting to see price climb above initial offering?”

I think Calvin is asking a very important question that reflects on the fact that we should really be talking more about the long-term benefits for CRPT holders.

On this matter I address him to my answers above, where we were talking about this diversified strategy of benefits for CRPT holders, be it an AirDrop, holding benefits, increased yield and early access to different products.

Let me give you an example of how our activity of working on CHO offering is already contributing positively to CRPT performance.

About a week or so ago, we had a really fantastic and productive conversation with a major crypto fund located out of Asia.

It was a very engaging and fruitful conversation. I hope to bring you more awesome news later, as I will be at liberty to do so.

The simple fact was, that while we were talking, investors were asking very detailed questions, just like you guys about CRPT.

When we were done, we realized that over the course of the next day, we saw some massive influx of capital into CRPT. We also saw some massive amounts of buying of CRPT on the open market, which was reflected in the CRPT price performance on those days.

As we move along. we are indeed already seeing a lot of organic and sustained interest to CRPT and open market from institutional capital.

What kind of tools will be used in promoting your product to the masses, except community (competitions)? Popular crypto bloggers, advertising in social networks and so on?”

I love this question from the user that goes by Late Bloomer, because it’s important and there’s actually a lot to be done there.

We are seeing regional growth strategies as one of the main tools to expand our product reach and ensure long-term strategic success.

We are conducting a lot of meetings and we are actively engaged with a number of geographically diversified pools of KOL, or key opinion leaders. We are also partnering up with main crypto communities and given regions. Most importantly, and which I am very proud and excited about, is our business development strategy, which would put to good use a wide pool of me and my team’s regional connections, leverage and strong relationships with key players in different regions.

So look forward to us across the globe.

I am a CRPT holder. What benefits will I have from the new CHO token? Will CRPT still be supported? Is it a good idea to sell the CRPT I have and get the new CHO token instead?”

Let’s address this once again. CRPT is not going away anywhere. It is still the fuel of our CeFi product.

As I said earlier, the more CRPT you are staking, the more you are putting it to good use. By using our crypto to fiat, our card or swaps features, or simply staking it, the more you will be rewarded with CHO allocations, CHO drops and increased yield in CHO.

So it’s a great long-term strategy for you as a product user and our community member, to hold on to CRPT, put them to good use and through that, leverage them to boost your yields and returns and CHO.

“My one question:

Provide any sort of justification to back up the $10B valuation in 24 months that Vladimir keeps touting in his interviews.”

Thanks a bunch for the question.

One thing you have got to understand about Vladimir as a business leader and entrepreneur, is that he’s hell-bent on making sure that this company, this token and its products, are performing at the most optimal level and one of the best ways to measure the optimal level is valuation.

Knowing any of that or any projection regarding valuation of future performance are of course done by having the nowadays limitations in mind. One of such limitations is obviously the presumption of continuation of trends.

One such trend is an increased role of decentralized finance. Do we fundamentally believe that a bigger chunk of the financial services industry will become decentralized? Oh yeah, of course we do. It’s beyond any doubt.

Are there any risks on that path? Yes of course.

But that valuation or any other valuation is an ambitious mission, and no pun intended to trust in the team that is delivering CHO for you.

We are one-hundred percent certain that we are well equipped with professionals, and we are well motivated by the vision that will allow us to reach those heights.

We are also, of course, equipped with an open ear and readiness to listen to you guys, to research the market in order to adopt the best practices. We are one-hundred percent certain that our CHO tokenomics are superior. Our ability to deliver is also superior. Look no further than our B2B program. Our products and solutions are sought after on the marketplace and there are so many unique features that are making up our edge giving us a competitive advantage.

Is registered with the same tax identification number as Сrypterium or is it a different entity?

We are a group of companies, CHO is brought to you courtesy of our group.

What activities do you see as key to achieving a leading position in the market?

Listening and never settling for the status quo. Listening to our customers and marketplace + you guys. The latter is self-evident, right?

What activities do you undertake to attract the interest of companies engaged in international transactions with your offer? Do you notice any interest in your services on the part of enterprises at all?

Yes, we have onboarded 35+ B2B partners already, and we are growing on QbyQ basis for 7 quarter in a row

Do you think that setting up will have a real impact on the value of Seedrs’ shares?


According to your estimates, what value may the defi/cefi market have in the next 2–3 years? What percentage of participation can Crypterium really have in this?

We are solving a 97 million gap between active crypto (CeFi) and active DeFi use. This is an audacious enough goal and we will be focusing on it for now.

Stay tuned to announcements as there is so much more to come! The beginning of our new adventure will start with the release of a new CHO token. to-be-released platform will be the ultimate solution for the modern individual, bringing all the possibilities of centralized and decentralized finance — at your fingertips.

Find out why more than 650 thousand users trust us and use our solutions daily — follow us on social media and join our Telegram Community and Telegram News channels!

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