Recap of AMA with Andrey Diyakonov, CCO | April 22, 2022
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Speaker: Andrey Diyakonov is a Chief Commercial Officer at Crypterium and, also spearheading Crypterium’s unique B2B program.

A seasoned business development executive with a proven track record in the industry, Andrey is leveraging his experience and a set of soft and hard skills to set up and lead “A-Team players” across multiple businesses. An avid crypto adopter, Prior to joining the industry, Andrey has ran and staffed political campaigns in the EU, and represented 2 countries in the United Nations program UNAOC.

It is amazing, how crypto gathers people from so many different spheres of life and business.

Why have you decided to hold CHO NFT Sale?

“First of all, you guys, and let’s acknowledge it, it’s because all of the previous rounds of CHO sales are successfully completed. We’ve seen oversubscription by a factor of 9 at our Community round, great results on IDO sales, and overwhelming interest from the investor community. CHO is in high demand. And I want to thank you for being a part of this success. And since CHO is in high demand, we had to deal with a lot of potential buyers who couldn’t get their hands on it. It wouldn’t be fair of us to leave those demands unaccommodated. And of course we should have thought of something special for you, guys. Bringing a MetaFi vision to masses should be matched with bold and ambitious execution.

We are excited to share that we will conduct our first NFT $CHO sale — the first and most innovative #MetaFi token sale which makes an NFT collection. Users will be able to reserve the CHO token by minting a #DeFi NFT. We are closely following the roadmap and launching the CeFi and DeFi integration as expected. CHO NFT sale is targeted at both markets and this integration brings even more technological advancement into the crypto space. We can expect to see many other projects begin selling tokens through NFTs after our groundbreaking technology. This is not an ordinary token or NFT sale. Participating in this sale round makes you the original #MetaFi ecosystem adopter — courtesy of”

Where will it take place?

“It’s easy. Head over to website. We will be opening doors on April 26, 12:00 PM GMT. Mark your calendars. And remember, there are quite a few of those who’d want to buy $CHO at that stage.”

How can I then sell the tokens on exchanges if it is an NFT?

“Good one. The best thing about it is, you don’t. What you are buying, when partaking in our MetaFi-powered NFT sale is block of $CHO tokens packed inside an NFT. Think of NFT as a treasure chest, and of $CHO as a trove. That’s exactly what it is in this case. All you have to do is to mint an NFT, which is then stored in your wallet. When TGE happens, you can unlock that chest, and get your trove, claiming the tokens. To claim them, head back to our website, return your NFT in exchange for $CHO to be delivered via your Crypterium app. Yes, the chest, the NFT, will be burned. But not to worry, it’s fulfilled its mission, and it’s time to focus on your $CHOs. Your tokens will be available at your Crypterium wallet. If you happen to strike a gold — a pack containing $CHO with no cliff, some of them will be at your trading accounts, and the remaining bit, at your deposit tab. Rest assured, they will be unlocked and become available in due time.”

Why make such a token sale format if you have other ways to sell?

“Yeah, that’s a good one indeed. We are and Crypterium are first and foremost a bunch of dedicated and eager explorers of all those marvelous possibilities that crypto enables. We love experimenting with new tools and applying them to our tasks. As members of the community would know, we have designed and built our own Launchpad product, and it’s in high demand already. Just before our AMA session, I had a call with one of our customers regarding Launchpad and creative new ways of conducting token sales. So experimenting with that functionality not only serves the exploration, it’s also about figuring out which product will become the next industry standard and delivering them to the marketplace.”

What is needed for the sale? Do I need to go through KYC?

“The best part of it is, NO, you don’t need KYC to partake in MetaFi-powered CHO sale. All you need is a Metamask set up for use with BSC. Check out this handy guide that my colleagues have created: How to install Metamask to join CHO NFT Sale 👉

You then head over to and sign in with your wallet. Following that, you are in good hands, we made the rest real easy and no-BS.”

Can I claim the tokens on my friend’s app, for example, as a birthday present?

“ Great question and a great idea for a present — wish you were my friend😁 So what you’d need to claim those tokens, is to indicate a phone number associated with a Crypterium account. So in theory, you can do that. Just make sure that the lucky friend or relative of yours has signed up with Crypterium app and passed KYC1. If you are into reading long-form docs, here’s the link this Round Terms:

Why do some NFTs have more CHO tokens? Can I choose NFT?

“As I said earlier, we are big on experimenting. And this time around we want to incorporate some of the gamification elements coupled with aleatoric mechanics. What that means is that you won’t be able to pick an NFT of your liking. But it gets better from there on. $CHO distribution inside NFT is entirely random and you never know which one is created at the time of you minting that NFT. There’s tons of bonus ones, with extra $CHO inside, others contain a unique combination of cliff and vesting schedules. Some of them have $CHO released upon the TGE. Isn’t it amazing? Here’s a brief outlook of what those levels are:


The mint of a CHO NFT from the CHO NFT Collection allows users to reserve the CHO token. The CHO NFT Sale contains GameFi attributes, as users can test their luck and potentially win up to 2000 extra CHO tokens and get 50–100% initial unlocks. Participants will reserve a minimum of 1500 CHO tokens. There are 4 tiers of NFTs, which range from:

Bronze (48.5%)
Silver (27%)
Gold (20%)
Platinum (4.5%)

Bronze is the most common and Platinum is the most rare.
CHO NFTs differ by 4 traits, which are:
CHO tokens Initial Unlock
Lockup Period
Vesting Period
Bonus Tokens

During the CHO NFT Sale, users will be able to reserve CHO tokens by minting NFTs from the CHO MetaFi Collection. This is an innovative crypto solution that combines all the benefits of CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized finance) services into one ecosystem — MetaFi.”

How many tokens one person can mint?

“No upper limit on that one. The maximum number of NFTs per purchase (“Mint”) = 20. The number of mints is not limited.”

Can I sell NFT to another person before claiming?

“No. NFT tokens are not available for trading on secondary platforms or transferring from one wallet to another. It’s your chances and your tokens, isn’t it?”

Stay tuned to announcements as there is so much more to come! The beginning of our new adventure will start with the release of a new CHO token. to-be-released platform will be the ultimate solution for the modern individual, bringing all the possibilities of centralized and decentralized finance — at your fingertips.

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