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3 min readApr 28, 2022

-- is actively engage with Popcorn, so we would like to elaborate on our partner.

What is Popcorn Capital?

✳️ Popcorn Capital is an Pre-IPO deals agent. The company provides an opportunity to invest in high-technology brands before they enter the stock market. The average deal yield is about 150–200%!

✳️ Every investment idea is being carefully analyzed by professional investors. And Popcorn Capital confers the possibility to invest only in risk-free businesses with a strong idea and high growth potential. Often access is closed to this kind of deals but Popcorn works on exclusive terms.

✳️ Popcorn Capital is a big and powerful community of investors who turn willpower and brainpower into the driving force which is business. The company arranges invitation-only and networking events where businessmen can get acquainted with each other and the Popcorn Capital team.

✳️ Popcorn Capital posts latest news of the venture market, information on Pre-IPO and deals on its social media. There are also enough tools for achieving investors’ goals and increasing knowledge about investment on Popcorn platforms.

Why is Pre-IPO a highly interesting trend and a safe haven in the new realities?

The number of high-technology and promising companies is growing rapidly. There were 936 unicorn companies in 2021. More than 1000 companies went public. Besides, Snowflake made history and became the largest software company to IPO. Warren Buffett and Marc Benioff themselves invested $250 million in it. The pre-public offering price was $21,5 (3rd quarter of 2020) and went up to $365 since the IPO. Therefore the deal yield was extremely high — 1602,14%.

Another example is a crypto trading platform Coinbase Global ranked second in the world. The company provides an opportunity of cryptocurrency exchange for 73 million users. The pre-IPO valuation of shares was $48,7 (1st quarter of 2021). After going public the Coinbase assets peaked at $327,03 with a return of 571,52%.

The last deal closed by Popcorn Capital earned a supernormal return to investors. That was Confluent, a big data company. The price of its pre-market stocks was $35,3 and peaked at $80,7 after going public. For 5 months all investors involved in the deal with Popcorn Capital, got a return of almost 130%.

All deals of Popcorn Capital are public and already profitable. There are Ju’s (+55%), the largest unicorn company of educational technology, Tanium (+30%), a world leader in the sphere of cybersecurity, and Udacity (+22%), a leading platform of IT-education, among them.

If you want to know the Pre-IPO market better and become a participant, follow Popcorn Capital on Telegram. Our partner just made a post about Nassim Taleb, a former Wall Street trader.

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