How to trade CHO on Raydium DEX exchange
3 min readJun 8, 2022

Starting from June 7, 2022, the CHO Token became available on Raydium and Uniswap DEX exchanges that are rightfully considered some of the best decentralized exchanges and AMMs in the world so far.

How to find CHO/USDT pair on Raydium

While the CHO token has just entered the exchange you can face minor problems finding CHO / USDT pair. Here’s how to find CHO through adding Market Id.

Rare token that is not easy to find — get it before others (and before upcoming new listings on CEXs 😎)

CHO Contract Address in Solana blockchain: 59McpTVgyGsSu5eQutvcKLFu7wrFe3ZkE2qdAi3HnvBn

Here’s how to find CHO on Raydium

  1. Go to Raydium exchange and find a button “Add custom market”

2. Add the CHO token information and click “Add”:

  • Market Id GScfvqNrEC9UE6vEeqCYQKJtmoGrN5ZAuTzx9uTHVjZs
  • Market Label CHO/USDT
  • Base label CHO

Voila, you are all ready to start trading CHO. Don’t forget about 100 000 CHO Airdrop launched on the official website.

How to Buy CHO on Raydium?

Exchanging crypto tokens on Raydium is similar to other platforms, just faster and cheaper. This is how you can buy CHO tokens on Raydium.

  1. Navigate to the Swap section at the top of the Raydium app screen and connect your wallet.
  2. Select from the drop-down menu which tokens you want to swap. For example, swapping USDT to CHO.

In order to select CHO, please, click on the token icon (in our case, it’s RAY) and go to “Select a token” menu.

3. Enter CHO mint address and a name of the token.

Mint address 👉 59McpTVgyGsSu5eQutvcKLFu7wrFe3ZkE2qdAi3HnvBn

Name of a token 👉 CHO

4. Click on “Add User Token” and confirm it by clicking “I Understand”.

5. You are all ready to swap! 🎉 Specify the amount of tokens you want to swap. If you are happy with what you see, then click ‘Swap.”

6. Press “Approve” in your connected wallet to confirm the transaction.

7. Nearly instantly after completing the transaction, you should be able to see your new CHO balance, although this can sometimes take a few seconds to refresh.

Grand CHO Airdrop for active traders on Raydium, the world’s 1st MetaFi platform combined all the benefits of CeFi and DeFi services, launches a grand Airdrop celebrating the CHO Token Generating Event and listing on Raydium.

100 000 CHO will be distributed among 1000 random wallets!

Check the Airdrop terms HERE.

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-- is innovative crypto solution that combines all the advantages of CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized finance) services