Get NFT from CHO MetaFi Collection and share $5000 prize pool in a Lottery
3 min readApr 25, 2022

We love giving back to our community, which is why we have decided to host a Lottery among all CHO NFT Sale participants!

$5,000 will be split among the luckiest token sale participants. As many as 50 lucky winners will receive $100 on their MetaMask account. If you’re curious about how exactly to take part, continue reading!

What is CHO NFT Sale?

The revolutionary CHO NFT Sale is the first and most innovative MetaFi token sale embedded into the CHO MetaFi Collection. This is not an ordinary token or NFT sale. Minting CHO NFTs will make you the first MetaFi ecosystem adopter in the history of crypto.

The mint of a CHO NFT from the CHO NFT Collection allows users to reserve the CHO token. CHO NFT Sale contains GameFi attributes, as users can potentially win up to 2000 extra CHO tokens and get 50–100% initial unlocks.

The sale will take place on the website and will be open for minting at 12 PM GMT on April 26th.

How can I win?

First and foremost, you need to mint a CHO NFT. Instructions on how to mint a CHO NFT can be found here:

Once minted, you’ll be able to see the ID of your minted CHO NFT. Your CHO NFT ID could have been chosen as one of the lucky winners! (Pay attention that the winning numbers are generated randomly with the usage of special software).

We collected the IDs of all the CHO NFTs and randomly selected 50 of them. Here they are:

If you found your CHO NFT ID in the list above, congratulations! You are the lucky winner of $100! If not you can mint more NFTs if there are any left.

How to receive a prize?

The reward will be sent to your MetaMask account, from which the mint was made. Payment will be credited almost directly after the end of the sale. You do not need to claim your reward, it will automatically appear in your wallet.

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