Charism Beta Test — Tester’s Guide

Dear users, is setting up to launch a new DeFi platform — Charism. The past months have been really hot for us, and now we are ready for beta testing.

We are calling for Beta Testers!

It’s your chance to stand at the forefront of this exciting launch, provide key feedback on the UX and influence the final stages of development before a public launch.


  1. Open Google Chrome or Brave Browser on your Computer
  2. Make sure you have Metamask ( extension is installed and configured
  3. Go to
  4. Press the “Connect wallet” button
Step 4
Step 5

Video Tutorials

  1. Bridge video tutorial
  2. Earn video tutotial
  3. Swap video tutorial

Swap — Text Tutorial

  1. Navigate to the Swap section
Swap step 1
Swap step 2
Swap step 3
Swap step 3 tokens example
Swap step 4
Swap step 5
Swap step 6
Swap step 7

Earn — Text Tutorial

  1. Navigate to the Earn section
Earn step 1
Earn step 2
Earn step 3
Earn step 4
Earn step 5
Earn step 6
Earn step 7
Earn step 8
Earn step 9
Earn step 10
Earn step 11
Earn step finale

Bridge — Text Tutorial

  1. Navigate to the Bridge section
Bridge step 1
Bridge step 2
Bridge step 3
Bridge step 4
Bridge step 5
Bridge step 6
Bridge step 7
Bridge step 8
Bridge step 9


Now you can leave your feedback and participate in the drop of the limited collection NFT. Go to the “Give feedback” tab.

About is an innovative crypto solution which combines all the benefits of CeFi and DeFi (Centralized and Decentralized Finance) services in one system MetaFi. This bridge between CeFi and DeFi user bases will greatly simplify user exposure to DeFi products, making the process easy, reliable, and fool-proof.



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